About:  Joellen Church,  Founder and Designer


Landmark Creations was founded by Joellen Church in 1998, inspired by her love of travel and the magic of Christmastime. With an eye for detail and taste for extraordinary, Landmark Creations soon pioneered expertly blown corners, edifices and other building details necessary for capturing a world landmark or icon in its true form.  Jo ventures half-way around the world to have our ornaments hand-crafted in workshops in Germany and Poland, the birthplace of blown glass ornaments.  It's a long journey, but it's worth if when you enjoy our ornaments as much as we do!

In an excerpt from her interview with Celebration 365 in 2011, Joellen explains how Landmark Creations emerged from a thought to a business...


"...My family's favorite time of the year was Christmas: from decorating our Christmas tree with ornaments passed down from Grandparents and with ornaments we made in school, to laying the fireplace mantle with those silly wax deer and angel candles, to making fruitcakes and divinity, and going to midnight Christmas services.  But one special moment brought the magic of Christmas into our house: after the tree was all decorated, my mom would unpack an ornament made for her and hung it high on the tree as we all watched with an almost holy reverence.  It was an eggshell which had been covered in velvet and tiny pearls, and inside, nestled on a bed of angel hair and pink glitter, was a little wooden angel holding a carol book.  The delicacy and thoughtfulness this one little ornament brought to our Christmas never ceased, to amaze me.  I think this is when my fascination with Christmas began."


The idea to start an ornament company specializing in landmarks and icons of life was born when I was decorating my Christmas tree one year and realized that I had no Christmas ornaments from any of the places in the world to which I have traveled.  It seemed to me that perhaps the creation of a beautiful heirloom Christmasornament that could be honored at my favorite time of the year might be an idea.

My emergence into the European folk art of glass blowing has since transformed my desire to create a extraordinary business of blown glass landmarks, to also one of becoming anadvocate of this art form and championing its livelihood. Born in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, European glass-blown ornaments are simply like no other: each is hand-blown and hand-decorated by women and men who have learned their skills from their parents and their parents' parents.  There are no large machines producing mass quantities of ornaments that look exactly alike.  I guess in the end it is all about quality instead of quantity. This is who I am and what Landmark Creations is.