Twenty years ago Joellen founded Landmark Creations, a company specializing in European hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments of the world’s landmarks. There were challenges working in eastern Europe at that time, including language and travel barriers, and quite honestly, earning the respect as a business woman.


But by far the biggest challenge Jo faced was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation therapies, while still running Landmark Creations and raising a son was no skip in the park.


Breast cancer kills 40,000 women a year. Still. Most of these women die from cancer metastasis because their cancer was caught in its advanced stages. Not only is it important for women to stay on top of their breast health so that breast cancer can be caught in its early stages and a life saved; but also more RESEARCH is needed to learn how to biologically eradicate this disease forever. 


Without state-of-the art diagnostic tools, continued research and profoundly educated doctors, many women with advanced stages of cancer would not be alive today. Joellen is alive and Jo’s Girls are a way that she is helping to ensure that other young women, women and men can live their lives unhindered by fear of breast cancer.


With your purchase of one of Jo’s Girls, a $5 donation will be given to 

Breast Cancer Research.